Our Services

Exterior Hand Wash

It is very important to get the dirt and dust removed from the truck to make it look like new one. Try our Exterior Hand Wash service in Lathrop.

Engine Wash

Getting your engine wash in Lathrop truck wash station is highly recommended as the engine is very important part of your truck.


Some drivers like to keep their truck’s interior nice and clean. Ron’s Truck Wash is offering the best truck’s detail cleaning service in Lathrop.

Tire Dressing

Tire should be always in good condition and by keeping it clean, the life of the tire does improve. We are leading truck wash company in Lathrop area.

Aluminum Rim / Fuel Tank Polishing

The cleaning of Aluminum Rim and Fuel Tank Polishing is very important to maintain for the truck. So, we offer this service for our clients in Lathrop.

Undercarriage Cleaning

To keep their truck fully cleaned, drivers get undercarriage cleaning service for their truck from us to retail it in a rust free state in Lathrop CA.

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