Lathrop Truck Washing

We Are Open 365 Days A Year

At Ron’s Truck Wash, we are open for 365 days in a year. So, you can get your truck washed even on Sundays or even during any public holidays. We are always here for our clients in Lathrop, CA. We are ready with professional truck washing team.

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Truck Washing Lathrop

No Wait For Trailer Washout

Our expert and experienced cleaners understand how much you value a clean vehicle. Now you do not have to wait to get your trailer washout on any days.  We have a pool of expert cleaners who are always at your service.

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Truck Washing Service Lathrop

Have Over 25 Years Of Experience

We have 25 long years of experience in the field of truck washing. We started as a simple idea of delivering relishing vehicle wash to our customers. Now we have hired experienced professional cleaners to provide you the best truck wash in Lathrop.

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Companies Account Setup For Truck Wash

Now you can create an account with us for the professional clean-up of your trucks. Here all the details regarding your truck wash would be maintained in a systematic way. Once your account is setup with Ron’s Truck Wash, your trucks can visit our location 365 days a year. Companies pay for their truck wash after few months.

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Hand Wash

Our highly talented and dedicated cleaners manually wash every nook and corner of your vehicle to shine it as a brand new one. Contact us today.

Experienced Works

All our staffs are handpicked by the dedicated management team. We are highly experienced and professionally qualified to offer you the best truck wash.

100% Satisfaction

We always see to it that our customers experience 100% satisfaction with our service. To us, customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Best Results

We go out of our way to offer you the best truck wash in Lathrop. Our pool of talented cleaners makes every effort to dazzle up every corner of your truck.

Make Your Truck Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been.

At Ron’s Truck wash, we have the most dedicated and professional management team not only in Lathrop but in the entire United States. We believe in delivering the best service combining with our years of experience and hard work of our management and cleaning staffs. We handpick the most professional and talented cleaning staffs to offer you the most reliable and best truck wash in Lathrop. If you want the best truck cleaning service in Lathrop always count on Ron’s Truck Wash.

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List Of Our Services

Here is a list of services which you can avail at Ron’s Truck Wash.

Exterior Hand Wash

The exterior hand was is very important to remove every speck of dust, dirt, and grime from the external surface of your vehicle.

Engine Wash

The engine is the most important part of your vehicle. We remove all the grease and dirt from the engine parts to add life to your truck.


The inner detail cleaning is very important to boost the morale of the driver and improve your concentration level while driving the vehicle.

Tire Dressing

The tire dressing keeps your truck tires in good condition year after year and improves the roadworthiness of your vehicle. We are leading truck tire dressing company in Lathrop.

Aluminum Rim / Fuel Tank Polishing

The aluminum rim cleaning and fuel tank polishing are very important to maintain your truck in optimum condition. The fuel polishing removes all the sediments and contaminations.

Undercarriage Cleaning

The undercarriage of your truck is as important as any other visible part. It should be maintained in a clean condition to retail it in a rust-free state.

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